Special Club Show Cockerspaniel Club, Bác 15.6.2013

The Special Club Show of the Cockerspaniel Club took place on the known place for us in nice surrounds of the Golf Club in Bác (close to Šamorín) on 15th June 2013. The Specialist for English Cockers Mr. Michael Masters from United Kingdom (kennel Manchela) accepted the invitation for judging our Special Club Show. 55 dogs were registered to the show from Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. How the juudge said there met very quality qroup of dogs.

The Show had very nice development, friendly atmosphere and good mood stayed during the whole day. For winners were prepared a lot of cups, prizes for pets and also prizes for competed children. We are giving thanks to our sponsor of the Show – trademark

The Winner of the Club Show is the dog owned by Mrs Mónika Fehérvari z Madarska – HCH MACAMBÓ MR. MACHO:

HCH MACAMBÓ MR. MACHO - Exc. 1, CAC, BOV, Winner of SCS male, BOB Thank you to whole organization team, to the judge for his professional opinion and also to all exhibitors who helped with their good mood to nice spent day in the circle of Cocker funs.

Here you can see results: CATALOG